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Improving Federal Personnel Managment

The FY 2017 White House budget request highlighted the need to strengthen the federal workforce. GAO identified some best practices to do so.

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Why can't the PMF be a key part of solving the critical skills gaps in federal employment?

This article addresses the critical skills gap the military is experiencing with respect to acquisition and procurement. Why can't the federal government use the PMF to help reduce high level skills gaps over the long term? http://www.govexec.com/contracting/2015/12/pentagon-grew-acquisition-workforce-not-necessarily-right-places/124509/?oref=govexec_today_pm_nl

Completed Research and Capstones

Entry-level Federal Hiring: Building Research Collaborations between Agencies and Academics

This paper presents a brief landscape of entry level hiring in the federal government, and what is currently known about relevant data: what databases exist, what fields they include, what analysis has been done, and how the data have been shared). It also addresses potential opportunities for collaboration between agencies…

Completed Research and Capstones

The Merit System in Crisis

The merit principle is in crisis--and here's a video of Don Kettl's presentation at the Truman School of the University of Missouri. It's based on his recent article in GOVERNANCE.

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